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Loan Periods & Late Fees

Material may be checked out for the following loan periods.

Please note late fees

  • Children's/Young Adult Books, CDs, Books on CD, Kits, Magazines: 21 days (excluded from late fees)
  • Children's/Young Adult DVDs: 7 days (excluded from late fees)
  • Magazines: 7 days; $.20 per day
  • Books: 21 days; $.20 per day
  • Music CDs, Books on CD/Tape: 21 days; $.20 per day
  • Feature films/Entertainment DVDs: 7 days; $.20 per day
  • Documentary/Nonfiction DVDs: 7 days; $.20 per day
  • TV Series (DVDs): 21 days; $.20 per day
  • Museum Passes: 2 days; $5.00 per day (timeframes may vary)
  • Kindle: 7 days; $5.00 per day
  • WiFi Hospot: 7 days; $5.00 per day
  • Video Games: 3 Weeks; $1.00/day

Most items checked out for 21 days may be renewed twice (auto-renewal), unless someone is waiting for them. Renew online at My account  or by calling 736-0965.

We honor the loan periods and late fee/fine structures of the owning library’s items sent through the State’s delivery system. Please see your receipt for due dates and ask staff if you have questions.