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Duties and Responsibilities of PCL Trustees

Determine the goals, purpose and direction of Providence Community Library.  Adopt written policies to ensure that these goals are being carried out.  Formulate and periodically update the Library’s Strategic Plan, with input from the Executive Director and others.

Share members’ knowledge of the nature and needs of their local communities so that PCL can better develop library programs and services tailored to meet patrons’ needs.

Representatives who are elected by Friends groups are the liaisons between PCL and their Friends group. They should regularly report Board activities to their Friends group as well as keep the Board informed of particular needs, issues, and activities of their individual Library.

Employ a competent and qualified Executive Director, evaluate his or her performance, and set the Executive Director’s salary. Support the Executive Director and staff with any and all appropriate steps necessary in order to carry out the goals of the Library.

Hold, attend and participate in regular Board meetings; maintain compliance with the RI Open Meetings Law. Maintain professional and ethical standards. Disclose any conflict of interest on the yearly conflict of interest statements and refrain from participating in any decision that involves a conflict of interest.  Participate, if possible, in at least one of the PCL committees. Maintain confidentiality with regard to information presented and issues raised in Executive Sessions of the Board.

Assure that the Providence Community Library remains financially sound.

Work to secure adequate funding for PCL: make a personal donation, according to one’s means, to PCL during each fiscal year; assist with PCL fundraising efforts; cultivate ongoing relationships with elected officials to increase city funding for PCL. In order to expand adequate funding for PCL, Board members are encouraged to generate new, original and creative ways to do so. When adopting such proposals, it may be necessary for the Board to form ad hoc committees to oversee the implementation of these plans.

Approve the annual budget and establish financial controls. Review the financial statements monthly to determine that the budget is being followed and funds are being used to support the mission of the Library. Approve the opening of new bank accounts, borrowing, and fixed asset purchases, either by direct vote or through the approval of the budget.

Be an advocate for PCL. Serve as a liaison with governing officials, the Friends groups, and the general public. Establish, support, and participate in a planned public relations program that could support all nine PCL libraries.

Note: Providence Community Library includes in its insurance a Directors and Officers Policy which provides liability coverage for individual members, including but not limited to Employment Practices, Fiduciary Liability, Workplace Violence, and Internet Liability.

*This listing of PCL Board Roles and Responsibilities is not intended to replace or supersede any characteristics of the Board of Directors as set forth in the PCL By-Laws.

approved by the PCL Board, May 20, 2013