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Develop Your Inner Philosopher at Socrates Cafe

Socrates Cafe
Third Thursdays of the Month, 6:00PM
Wanskuck Library

Socrates Café are gatherings around the world where people from different backgrounds get together and exchange philosophical perspectives based on their experiences, using the version of the Socratic Method developed by founder Christopher Phillips. You can now attend a Socrates Cafe at Wanskuck library, every third Thursday of the month.

At each meeting, Library Manager Denise Brophy supplies a list of topics and thought-provoking statements to start the discussion. Cafe participants will take turns in selecting topics. There is no leader and no one person dominates the conversation.The Socrates Cafe forum provides the chance to discuss questions of universal interest in a cordial manner, without anger or argument.  The purpose is to gently and respectfully explore our own beliefs and challenge the beliefs of others, until we may understand there are other valid ways to view any subject.  No preparation is needed, just come as you are!  

For more information, contact Denise Brophy (401) 274-4145