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Inside-Out Summer: A Creative Program for Teens

The PVD Young Makers initiative has brought maker space tools and creativity to Providence libraries, transforming the traditional experience of library spaces for many local teens. Now the innovative maker team and its program partners have come up with a combination of safe, socially distanced summer challenges for middle and high school students to complete at home.  Inside-Out Summer is a four-week-long, online program that offers a series of design challenges utilizing three learning pathways: 2D Design, 3D Design and Entrepreneurship. The free program begins on July 7 and is available in English and Spanish.

Tasks are completed using maker materials, books and online weblinks. The online program is supplemented by workshop bags that contain a variety of materials and a unique symbol  that is used online to open a digital bag. Each learning pathway has four associated bags; students can collect all four or mix & match between the pathways. Workshop bags may be picked up at PCL locations or from Providence Public Library.

Inside-Out Summer's colorful website offers a diverse array of fun and creative learning tasks with instructive videos and links to websites, featuring everything from making a gif to cooking, from designing jewelry to making a mind map, from performing citizen science activities to writing a haiku. Daily summer reading suggestions and writing prompts are also included. Participants can upload their work to the website to complete the tasks and share images on Instagram.

"When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, our teen interns made hand-made masks and face shields for community members in need, worked on personal brand development, and supported the Black Lives Matter movement through T-shirt design," commented the Library's PVD Young Maker Youth Services Specialist, Francesca del Prete. "Inside-Out Summer  provides continuing access to materials and digital resources and inspires more students to become active in design-thinking, innovation and justice work throughout the summer and beyond.”. 

Inside-Out Summer is the initiative of PVD Young Makers with partners Providence Community Library, Providence Public Library, Providence After School Alliance, The City of Providence Office of Economic Opportunity and The Met School.

To find out more and reserve workshop bags, visit the website.