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Library Yoga with the Glitter Goddess Collective

Library Yoga via YouTube LIVE
Saturdays at 10:00AM

The Glitter Goddess Collective is offering Library Yoga every Saturday morning at 10:00AM LIVE on the PCL YouTube Channel. Start your weekend with yoga led by Matt Garza and teachers from the Esek Hopkins Homestead Park.

The Glitter Goddess Collective tells us "ALL BODIES are welcome. Queer / Trans / PoC Families especially welcome. Kids welcome. Pets welcome. Pajamas/Costumes welcome. Morning wine welcome. Arrive late. Leave early. Ignore all our directions and do your own thing. Dance while we stretch. Wrap yourself in a snuggie and just breathe with us. Get online with us just to be with us."

Presented in partnership with TAPA: Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts, Prov Dept of Art Culture + Tourism, Providence Parks Dept, and Pushed Learning & Media. 

For more information or to join the email list for daily yoga offerings by contacting