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Reusable Bag Swaps at PCL Locations

Did you know that 100 billion plastic bags pass through the hands of U.S. consumers every year—almost one bag per person each day? Laid end-to-end, they could circle the equator 1,330 times! 

PCL is playing a small part in the effort to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags by hosting Reeusable Bag Swap stations on behalf of the Zero Waste Providence working group. 

Simply go to a participating PCL library (most locations have Swaps - check with your library staff) and take a reuseable bag for your personal use, or leave reusable bags for others. Please do not deposit single-use bags at the Swap as we are not equipped to accept such recycling. Many large commercial stores recycle single-use bags in Providence and you can find a complete list here

For more information about Zero Waste Providence, contact