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The Center of Everything

August 26, 2013 - 7:49pm -- gstokes
Linda Urban
The Center of Everything by Linda Urban is the story of twelve year old Ruby Pepperdine striving to connect with her recently departed grandmother during her town’s annual memorial parade to town founder Captain Bunning. A successful toss of a coin creates the potential for a wish which two friends Lucy and Nero may or may not be able to help come true.

Ruby wins the Annual Bunning Town essay contest which means she gets to read her essay on the day of the parade. Where she stands to read her essay is the center of everything. Or is it? If you’re Ruby, the top of Pepperdine Motors held securely by Gigi's embrace is truly the center of everything. That’s where Ruby wishes she could be.

The story is told by Ruby reciting backwards events that have happened leading up to her recitation of the essay.

One element in particular, tossing a coin through the Captain’s statue’s doughnut hole on your birthday means having a wish come true, we find out about early in the game. So the plot is driven by whether or not, the wish will come true. Other friends enter in the drama including Lucy and Nero which give the book a lovely tone true to summer friendships.

At times the book shifts in between plot points skipping from actual parade events, to drama with friend Lucy or Nero and then back to a grandma memory which can be a little confusing, but it does all come together to create a novel that I would recommend to readers of Mo Wren What Happened on Fox Street by Tricia Springstubb and/or Ellen Potter’s Olivia Kidney.

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