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Warp Speed

August 16, 2013 - 4:47pm -- gstokes
Lisa Yee "Warp Speed"
Lisa Yee
Middle school geek, Marley Sandelski uses his love of all things Star Trek and a recently discovered running talent to manage the bullies and other obstacles he encounters in seventh grade.

I haven’t read Lisa Yee’s three other books about the kids of Rancho Rosetta, but having read Warp Speed about Marley Sandelski I will.

The setting is: Marley’s home, The Rialto Theatre, which his family is committed to resuscitating, his school and the section of town through which he runs.

Invisible in his daily school life to most students and teachers, Marley, a Trekkie to the tenth power finds some relief in the AV Club sixth period with Mr. Jiang and two friends, Ramen, named for the food he eats the most, a Star Wars groupie and Max, a Batman geek, who he only recently discovered was a girl. He is not however invisible to the Gorn nor Digger another student who waits for him daily on the way to school for reasons I’ll let you discover. That’s where the running comes in with an interesting twist that I don’t want to include because I don’t want to wreck the whole book for you. I loved reading about Marley’s family and friends. Even if Marley isn’t aware of what a loving son and friend he is they certainly are and with their support he discovers it for himself.

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