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CLPVD Board Committees

Community Libraries of Providence Board of Trustees carries out its work via a number of committees that monitor and report to the Board on library operations and recommend library policies to the full board for formal approval.

These committees are designated in the CLPVD Board of Trustees bylaws, and a description of the composition, roles and responsibilities of the committees is formulated by and approved by the Board. Only board members can serve as committee chairs.

The following descriptions lay out the minimum number of committee members. While all committees must include at least two board members, we value staff and community input in helping to establish and guide the direction of our library system. Therefore, those representing the CLPVD staff, Library Friends group members, neighborhood representatives, members of organizations with which CLPVD partners, and others shall be eligible for appointment to our board committees, with the potential of reappointment for additional terms. As per our Bylaws, all committee members are formally appointed by the Board President.

All members of Board committees hold voting privileges. A committee, however, can only vote to recommend a given course of action to the full Board, as the CLPVD Board alone has final approval.

Executive Committee

Current member

Zachary Weinberger, Chair, Board President
Avital Chatto, Board Vice President
Andre Herrera, Board Secretary
Jordan Day, Board Treasurer
Vacant, Chair, Governance Committee
Lynn Zagouidis-Eastridge, Chair, Development Committee

This committee shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, Mayor’s staff representative, and the chairs of the standing committees. It shall make decisions on behalf of the Board when so empowered by suitable action of the Board. The Executive Committee shall exercise, in the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, all of the powers of the Board that may lawfully be delegated in the management of the affairs of the organization or such lesser powers as may be specified from time to time by vote of the Board.

All actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is responsible for instituting a periodic committee charged with carrying out a performance review of the CLPVD Executive Director. The Executive Committee shall also serve as the Performance Review Committee as identified in the Employee Handbook.

Development Committee

Current members

Lynn Zagouidis-Eastridge, Chair, Board Member
Michael Bordonaro, Director of Philanthropy
Avital Chatto,  CLPVD Vice President
Janice Gerundio, President, Friends of Wanskuck Library
Gayle Gifford, Board Member
André Herrera, CLPVD Secretary
Cheryl Space, CLPVD Library Director

The Development Committee shall be comprised of at least three members of the PCL Board of Directors, the Director of Philanthropy and the Library Director.

This committee develops and oversees an ongoing, sustainable, multi-pronged program to raise money for the continued support of Providence Community Library. It strengthens and cultivates the existing donor base; identifies potential new donors; oversees fundraising events as well as the annual fundraising campaigns; initiates events, activities and outreach geared to city and state officials; and explores additional funding sources.

Facilities Committee

Current members

Deborah DelGais, Friends of Mount Pleasant
Jim Barnes, Professor of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design
Mike Nickerson, CLPVD Facilities Manager
Patricia Raub, CLPVD Board Member, Friends of Wanskuck
Rachel Robinson, Director of Preservation, Providence Preservation Society
Amy Rosa, CLPVD Board Member
Gale Yallop, CLPVD Systems Coordinator at Knight Memorial

The Facilities Committee shall be comprised of at least two members of the CLPVD Board of Directors, as well as the Chief Operating Officer and the Head of Maintenance.

The role of the Facilities Committee is to oversee the condition of the eight buildings in the CLPVD system, insuring that their physical structures are maintained and upgraded as necessary and that any renovations contribute to modernization of the library’s facilities.

The committee meets to address major facilities issues. During those meetings the members will be apprised of the state of the library’s buildings, any major repairs or improvements that are needed, and any pending bids, contracts, or agreements that require approval.

CLPVD the case of major projects and in accordance with the CLPVD Business Policy, it is the committee’s responsibility to review facilities contracts and agreements for expenditures over $20,000 and to make a recommendation regarding those expenditures to the CLPVD Board of Trustees

Finance Committee

Current members

Pam Vogel, Governor’s Representative to CLPVD Board
Jordan Day, CLPVD Board Treasurer
Everett Gabriel
Zachary Weinberger, CLPVD President

The Finance Committee shall be comprised of at least two members of the PCL Board of Directors, including the Treasurer, who serves as the chair, and the Chief Operating Officer.

The role of the Finance Committee is to provide financial oversight for the organization. The committee assists the Director and Chief Operating Officer in the development of an annual operating budget and monitors adherence to the budget, recommending changes when necessary and reporting to the Board regularly.

The Finance Committee works with the staff to develop useful and readable report formats to share with the Board. It reviews the audit and tax form 990s and presents them to the Board for approval. It also studies the management recommendation letter from the auditor and ensures follow up on any issues highlighted.

The Finance Committee creates, approves, updates (as necessary) and monitors adherence to internal control and proper accounting policies. These policies should comply with federal and state regulations and are subject to Board approval.

The Finance Committee monitors library investments and implements the library's investment policy until such time as it becomes practical to establish a subcommittee for this purpose.

Governance Committee

Current members

Joan Dagle, Friends of Washington Park
Margaret Gardner, Former CLPVD Board Member, Friends of Rochambeau
Cheryl Space, CLPVD Library Director
Pam Vogel, CLPVD Board Member
Zachary Wineberger, CLPVD President

The Governance Committee shall be comprised of at least three members of the CLPVD Board of Directors and the Library Director.

Based on an assessment of Board needs, the Governance Committee recommends individuals to the Board President as prospective board members and also recommends individuals on the board to the Board President for committee membership consideration. The committee recommends training workshops for the board, as needed, and it provides orientation for new board members, acquainting them with their duties and responsibilities as board members and familiarizing them with the structure and mission of the library organization.

The Governance Committee administers the election of Board officers. The committee undertakes a periodic review of the by-laws of the CLPVD Board of Trustees. It also helps to clarify the structures, procedures and processes of the Board and the Board committees from time to time.

The Governance Committee is in charge of ensuring that board procedures and practices are in compliance with all Secretary of State regulations concerning libraries, including the Open Meetings Act.

Marketing and Advocacy Committee, Chair: Amy Rosa

Current members

Amy Rosa, Chair, CLPVD Board Member, Library Manager at Washington Park
Tony Aguilar, CLPVD Board Member, At-Large
Michael Bordonaro, Director of Philanthropy
Janet Fuentes, CLPVD Communications and Marketing Manager
Judanne Hamidzada, CLPVD Youth Services Coordinator
Sarah Morenon, Mayoral appointee
Stephanie Shea, CLPVD Digital Services Coordinator
Cyndie Wilmot, Olneyville Friends

The Marketing and Advocacy Committee shall be composed of at least three members of the CLPVD Board as well as the Director of Philanthropy and the Public Relations and Marketing Manager.

The Marketing and Advocacy Committee aims to collaborate with the staff to fine-tune and market CLPVD's brand as the go-to place for community library services and programs through promotion and coverage in traditional and electronic media. The committee helps to polish, promote and advocate for the Library’s mission (visually and in writing). It may help to publicize events both system-wide and at specific community libraries. When appropriate, the Committee shall work with other CLPVD committees in order to increase funding, engagement, and brand recognition.

Programming Committee

Current Members

Chair, Vacant
Antonia Garcia, CLPVD Youth Services Specialist at Olneyville Library
Judanne Hamidzada, CLPVD Youth Services Coordinator
Maria Monteiro
Jennifer Romans, CLPVD Youth Services Specialist at Smith Hill Library
Lee Teverow, CLPVD Adult Services Librarian at Rochambeau Library
Cyndie Wilmot, Friends of Olneyville

The Programming Committee shall be composed of at least three members of the CLPVD Board as well as the Program Coordinator and Youth Services Coordinator.

This committee reviews, discusses and supports CLPVD's efforts to document the unique qualities of each library to highlight current and potential services that engage patrons and community resources, synthesize existing information about programming, develop outcomes-based evaluation for a selected group of programs, and identify broad trends and gaps in library services. As needed, this committee can support efforts to identify community resources for partnerships that expand or diversify available programming.