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Now You See Me

October 7, 2013 - 8:56am -- sshea
Staff Favorite

Four magicians, each with unique talents, are mysteriously summoned to a year later they appear on stage as the Four Horsemen.  A 'crime' is committed in their first appearance which results in an FBI interrogation followed by agents and debunkers trying to figure out their illusions. 


This is a must watch at least twice kind of film, the keep-you-guessing, multi-layered sort with details hidden throughout.  If you take your eyes off the screen for a second, you will probably miss something.  So cozy up!

If you enjoy the mind-boggling, thought-provoking elements of the Matrix or Inception, I believe you will enjoy Now You See Me. Do you have to suspend disbelief?  Well of's a movie.

Now You See Me - Official Trailer [HD]

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