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A Taste of Fiction Outdoor Book Club: Migrations

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Mt Pleasant Library - OutsideRoom
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 10:30am to 11:30am
315 Academy Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

Join us on the morning of Wednesday, May 5th to discuss Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy at our first outdoor/virtual edition of the Taste of Fiction book discussion this spring! Copies of the book are available at Mount Pleasant Library. You are welcome to join us virtually or in person at our outdoor "cafe" on the library premises. 

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Clear your calendar and settle in for a brilliant and breathless read. Migrations is about a woman who goes to the ends of the earth in search of herself and to track what just might be the last migration of Arctic terns, birds that travel from pole to pole every year. It’s also about love, adventure, climate change, and what happens when a person simultaneously runs away from her past and runs straight towards it. Migrations gets richer with every scene as you learn more about Franny Stone—why she boards a boat full of fishermen, why birds call to her, how she fell in love with her husband, and how death stalks her at every turn. From Antarctica to a prison in Ireland, Australia to Galway, Franny traverses the world and with every turn of the page, you learn more about why she’s always on the move. The novel’s pacing is phenomenal—and the candor, veracity, and clarity with which it’s written make it feel like a memoir. Migrations is confessional, intimate and one of the best books I’ve read this year.


A Taste of Fiction Book Club is seeking guest facilitators!! If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the opportunity, email Lee at .

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