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A Day in the Life: R&B Music Performance & Presentation (Outdoors)

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Mt Pleasant Library - Main Level 2Room
Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
315 Academy Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

We will take an historical tour of Rhythm and Blues in RI with musical performance and presentation! Join us in celebration of the art form!

About this event

The Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Preservation Society will provide information about their organization and offer a musical tribute to the heritage, legacy and historical connections of R&B music in the evolution of American popular music. R&B music in Rhode Island came out of the local Black culture and had a direct impact on the local culture. Some areas to be presented will include how R&B evolved, popular songs of the R&B era (1940s to 1975), and what it was like 'making it' as a R&B musician of color in Rhode Island during this historic period.

Presented by Max Whiting, VP/Music Director (Bass Player) and Cleveland Kurtz, President of The Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Preservation Society.

This event takes place outdoors at Mount Pleasant Library. We will move it inside the library if there is inclement weather. Get FREE TICKETS through Eventbrite.

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Lee Smith
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