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Communities Read Switch: A Local Author Talk & Book Discussion

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Rochambeau Library - OtherRoom
Monday, February 13, 2023 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
708 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906

Looking for a good thriller to read around Valentine's Day? Well look no further!

Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day with us at COMMUNITIES READ on February 13th with a very unromantic book discussion! We’ll be meeting IN PERSON, local author Geoffrey Visgilio and discussing his book Switch, a psychological thriller about marriage.

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Taped to a chair in the kitchen, Evelyn Coretti fears the worst. Her husband, Miller, once so attentive and loving, is threatening to kill them both and burn their house to the ground – though he means to interrogate her first. About what? A power is growing inside of Evelyn – one so alien she doesn’t know if she can hide it any longer. But is what’s happening to her real? Or is it a fearful tumble into madness? Is Miller, no stranger to insanity himself, courting a breakdown of his own? Or is a force far more unstable and far more dangerous than either of them setting the two up for a showdown that can only end one way?Before this night is over, secrets will be revealed, a disintegrating marriage will finally come apart, and Miller and Evelyn Coretti will push each other to their very limits. And then beyond.


GEOFFREY VISGILIO is the award-winning author of Believe (2014), Switch (2017), Falling into Grace (2021), and the upcoming novel, The Bullshit Artist (2023). A mix of sherpa, shaman, and shrink, he is an unflinching tourguide into the beyond. A profound awakening experience launched him on an exploration to the very edges of the known. He returned with great humility and an existential curiosity that is tireless. He is a Rhode Island native and lives in the city of Providence, where he communes with spirits, both ethereal and distilled.


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