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Providence Community Library Announces Changes to Hours, Resumption of Public Computer Services

Published Date: 
October 8, 2020

Providence Community Library (PCL) is introducing new, scheduled hours on Monday, October 19.  Knight Memorial, Mount Pleasant and Rochambeau, PCL’s three larger libraries, will close on Fridays but will continue to provide curbside pick-up services during afternoon hours and outdoor WiFi access on that day. On Saturdays, the same three libraries will open for longer hours, in response to a clear public demand expressed during a recent public advocacy campaign. PCL’s six smaller libraries – Fox Point, Olneyville, Smith Hill, South Providence, Wanskuck and Washington Park - will adopt slightly more uniform hours from Monday to Friday, making the schedule easier for library users to remember.  The new hours are viewable here and will continue through June 30, 2021.

PCL is also pleased to announce the return of one of its most popular and in-demand services: free access to public computers. The Library has reduced the numbers of computers available, in accordance with current public health requirements and the policy is in line with that adopted by other Rhode Island public libraries, including Providence Public Library, Warwick Public Library and Cranston Public Library.

Here’s what to expect of the revised computer services:

  • Library users may request access to a public computer during scheduled library hours, on a walk-up basis.
  • Patrons are allocated 30-minute computer sessions but may request an extension for up to 30 additional minutes if no other patron is waiting to use a computer.
  • Patrons may request up to one hour of public computer access a day at each Providence Community Library location. Patrons can go to another PCL location and access a computer for up to an additional hour later the same day. 
  • Each library user will receive a fresh keyboard and mouse for use in specially adapted computer stations, fitted with protective plexi screens and subject to strict sanitation protocols. Patrons must wear masks in our indoor and outdoor library spaces, including when seated at computer stations.
  • Each library will maintain two separate areas of computers, one designated for use by adults and the other for children/youth.
  • A new remote request service allows users to send documents for printing by email to their local library. Simply send from home and pick up later! Ask in the library or see our website for details.

PCL currently is unable to provide seating inside buildings for people using their own devices, but they are welcome to bring their own computers and use them under a canopy in our outdoor library spaces. Earlier this summer, a $60,000 Community Development Block Grant enabled PCL to purchase and install Access Point units at all nine libraries to maximize the range of its free public WiFi signals. 

PCL continues to find creative and innovative ways to serve the people of Providence. To learn more about our virtual programs, outdoor, in-person programs and hybrid programs offering both in-person and online participation, visit