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What You Need to Know About Redistricting


State and Federal law requires that if the differences in populations between the various districts are too large, then a redrawing of the district boundaries must take place. The 2020 Census data shows that to be the case in Rhode Island. As a result, the State of Rhode Island General Assembly has established a reapportionment commission to advise them on plan alternatives and has hired a redistricting consultant to assist the process.

The General Assembly must have a new plan in place in time for the filing deadlines for the 2022 elections. Your opinions count!

The Redistricting staff is happy to hear from anyone interested in knowing more about the project. Questions about the process or comments related to any redistricting topic (communities of interest, neighborhoods, etc.), as well as scheduling an appointment to see the redistricting system or draw alternative configurations with the aid of redistricting staff can be made by contacting staff at or calling 401-222-3876.

Public Information Event

Monday, November 29, 2021  6:00pm – 7;45pm – Rochambeau Library

Providence League of Women Voters invites you to a Providence Conversation, Redistricting Providence: Counting Our City, Dividing Our City

Guest Speaker: Jessica Cigna, Chair, Committee on Ward Boundaries

Space is strictly limited: RSVP 401-272-0422

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