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Overview of the Providence Community Library Board of Trustees

Providence Community Library is not a city department but an independent, non-profit organization, governed by its own board of trustees.

Providence Community Library is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a maximum of 25 Directors, at least 75% of whom must live in Providence. Nine members of the Board serve as representatives of the Friends organizations of each of PCL's nine neighborhood libraries. The Mayor of Providence appoints three members to the Board, two of whom are members of the community and one of whom is a member of the Mayor's staff. The City Council appoints two community members to the Board. The Governor of Rhode Island appoints one community member. The PCL staff elects one representative to the Board. Lastly, up to nine members are elected by the Board of Directors. The Board elects four of its members to be officers.

The board's officers consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, elected by the board annually at the Annual Meeting.

Board meetings are held monthly (except for the month of August) and are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Open Meeting Law of Rhode Island. The Annual Meeting takes place in September. Monthly meetings are typically held at South Providence Library at 6:00 p.m. The dates of the meetings, as well as the minutes from previous meetings are available here.

There are five standing committees: Governance, Facilities, Advocacy, Development and Finance. In addition, there is an Executive Committee, consisting of the four officers, the chairs of the standing committees, and the Mayor's staff appointee.

For further information about the PCL board of trustees, consult the PCL By-Laws.