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PCL Friends Groups Roles and Activities

PCL Library Friends Groups support and are encouraged to promote quality library service in the community through advocacy, fund-raising, volunteering, and community outreach. Friends Groups, through their representation on the PCL Board, also help to govern PCL. They achieve these goals by fulfilling the following objectives:

Help with Library Programming

  • PCL Friends groups help PCL strengthen the cultural and intellectual life of the community.
  • Friends groups organize and sponsor programs that promote community enrichment.

Advocacy and Community Outreach

  • Friends groups raise awareness of library services and programs to the general public and assist with community outreach efforts.
  • Friends groups are encouraged to serve as advocates on local and state library issues and to advocate for PCL to city officials and state legislators.


  • PCL Friends groups raise funds to support the activities of their Friend's group and to help fund their library’s services, programs and needs.
  • Friends groups are encouraged to support and help promote PCL’s fundraising activities.


  • Each Friends group elects or otherwise designates a representative of their group to serve as a board member of PCL for a term of two years.
  • PCL Board members designated by Friends groups attend and participate regularly in PCL Board meetings; represent at the Board the particular concerns of their libraries; and share information with their Friends groups regarding board decisions, system-wide PCL programs and other library-related developments.
  • Friends groups support the policies of PCL adopted by the PCL Board.
  • Designated representatives of Friends groups regularly participate in the meetings of the All-City Friends Council and report back to their Friends Group.