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Public Computers

Public computers are now available on a limited basis in the library. Some computer stations have been removed and the remainder are separated by partitions to ensure social distancing.

  • Library users may request access to a public computer during scheduled library hours, on a walk-up basis. 
  • Patrons are allocated 30-minute computer sessions. No extensions allowed at this time.
  • Each library user will receive a fresh keyboard and mouse for use in specially adapted computer stations, fitted with protective plexi screens and subject to strict sanitation protocols. Patrons must wear masks in our indoor and outdoor library spaces, including when seated at computer stations. 
  • A new remote request service allows users to send documents for printing by email to your local library. Simply send from home and pick up later! Ask in the library or see our website for details.
  • We currently are unable to provide seating inside buildings for people using their own devices, but you are welcome to bring your own computer and use it under a canopy in our outdoor library spaces.
  • Wifi is available at all locations 24/7.
  • Printing: mobile and in our libraries